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We are living in rural surroundings in Svarstad (Norway), where we have started a small breeding of cocker spaniels. Linda’s first dog was a cocker spaniel whit the name “Jesper”. He was a cute little blue roan and tan male. He was a family dog, which was with Linda all the time. We met each other in 2002 and the cocker spaniels soon became the one and only breed for me as well.

When Jesper started to be old we wanted a new dog in the house, for a home without a dog isn’t a home for us. Linda was surfing around on the internet looking for a new cocker, whit out me knowing anything. So when I arrived back home after a Christmas dinner one day I got a beautiful little baby cocker in my arms, That it was a day of joy I have to admit .

We wish to express our sincere thanks to Tove Åse for letting as have this dog of joy, we also want to thank her for persuading us to try a dog show at least ones to see how much fun it was. So when the puppy (Leo) was 7 months we were at one unofficial show in Eiker.

So there we stood to rookies when it comes to shows, whit a little dog that always waged his tail and run around in the ring as if he never had done anything else. When the day was over he had won all that a puppy could win that day. From that day everything has been change for us, that little puppy had light a fire in us when it comes to shows an Cocker Spaniel as a breed.

Leo som valp

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