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News 2008


We wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Pia - Guldkrona's Blue Moon has moved back to us at Guldkrona. Unfortunately the family she lived whit developed allergy and they had to take the difficult decision to return her to us.







Guldkrona's Blue Moon >> 



NKK Drammen - Judge: Lynne Brand

Pippi has now reacted the age where she can compete with Lilli in junior class. Both of them qualified, and Lilli was 4th with hp and a good critic who says that she needs more practice. Pippi is still growing and that shows at the critic, but she now think its fun to be at shows so we are going to take here with us despite her growing.

Lewis was also with us this weekend, he got excellent masculine type on his critic but he seemed a little sluggish in his movement. So we have to practice, and go faster next time. He was placed number 3 in his class.





We have been at the Moss show in burning sun this weekend.

“Vesla” Guldkrona’s Blue Whisper won her class an ended up as second best bitch puppy.

“Pippi” Westerner Frozen Rain won a strong bitch class and become best bitch. She topped it, went all the way and became BOB puppy!!

BOS Lochranza Happy Feet og BOB Westerner Frozen Rain


We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Oslo strait after WDS! :-D

And it was very good!!


Lewis is now home after 4mnds in Denmark.

And he loves it her one the mountain whit the cocker pack. And it’s real fun for us to se him with his daughter J

Lewis is still the balanced and cool gentleman we sent to Denmark.

We are looking forward to having him whit us to shows and sending a big gratitude to Lotte and Michael for letting us have him.


Mira is now mated whit Leo and we expect the puppies in September. Se more her>>

We chose to use Leo again because Dennis has just been operated. So now we are crossing our fingers for that Mira is pregnant.


We where one the Circuit CAC Breed Show and World Dog Show in Stockholm!! And it was very fun for us.

We showed Lewis and Lilli both days, and Lilli showed herself better than ever! She got Very good both days with excellent critics. Lewis got Very good Sunday and excellent Saturday.

It was an outstanding weekend for us. And we would like to thank Monica Forsander for a lovely evening at her party Friday evening.

Photos of the weekend>>


The quiz round with "Team Norway"



Norwegian kennel club's jubilee show was this weekend and Lilli was entered. And she showed herself very good and that was nice for us, for we are looking forward to the World Dog Show in Stockholm necks weekend.


We have had a nice weekend in Vänersborg. Lilli was number one in her class and did get CK. The judge had selected out lots of bitches in the best bitch class and he didn’t pick out any youngster’s, unfortunately for us. 


Dennis has again been operated on his damaged leg. The veterinarian meant that the reason for him not to use the leg had to be the plate. So he made the decision to operate the plate out. The operation was successful, so now we have to take extra god care of him. And hold our fingers crossed for him to be well.


This weekend we have driven all the whole way to Skäraborgs International show in Larv, Sweden. We bring along Lilli ho entered the junior class, and Pippi in puppy class. We enjoyed the sunshine while we showed our dogs and looked at all the beautiful cocker spaniels that had joined the show. This was the first show for little Pippi so we was pretty excited. She thought it was very scary, so much people at one place and not at least the speakers!! She was very good to stand for the judge bout run for her was out of the question!  But after a while it was not so scary after all. With some practice and shows we think she will improve. Despite that she would not run she got a very good critic and placed number 4 with HP.  

Then it was Lilli’s turn, ho also has little ring training, bout she is starting to come out nicely. She is starting trying carefully and improves fast. Lilli are despite a small amount of ring training super to stand for the judge! She used to long time to get to gather, but she did after all get the fifth please of tertian inn her class. And It was more than 80 entered cocker spaniels in all.

And I have to tell that I was a fast trip to Kristiansand 4 may so Lilli could go in the ring. She did very good and did get a nice review.


Frida and Lewis puppy's came to day! It was 4 bitches and 1 dog. Mother and children are find and Frida is nursing the puppies very good. Se more her>>


We are wish Lotte welcome home to Guldkrona. And send regards to Lotte and Michael for letting us have this sweet little and happy girl.

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